Transkontinentale Eroefnung /トランスコンティネンタレ エアオフヌング展について




ミクロからマクロに渡る、様々な価値観やモノの見方についての対話が、作品を通して繰り広げられること でしょう。

*タイトル名はドイツ語表記 Transkontinentale Eroefnung:「トランスコンティネンタレ」は大陸横断的、「エアオフヌング」は公開を意味します。

15 teams of artists from Germany and Japan will gather in the exhibition hall at Kobe Art Village Center in early March to transform a single trianglar space into a “Time Capsule” of “Now”.

A variety of media including photo and video works, sculptures, drawings and paintings, among others will be used to capture the collective theme of “Now” as it is interpreted by the 15 different teams of artists. The capsule will be opened from 2011.3.5 to 2011.3.12.

Each team brings their own interpretation of “Now” based on their own views and values; to be shared in a conversation – style format across the space covering both micro and macro viewpoints.